World Thyroid Day: Can Thyroid Cause Miscarriage? Know 6 problems caused by this in pregnancy

World Thyroid Day 2022: The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland in your neck. A gland is an organ that makes a substance, which is called a hormone. This hormone helps your body to function. For example, hormones play a big role in your heart rate, which is how fast your heartbeats, and your metabolism, which affects how well and fast your body processes what you eat and drink.

But the trouble starts when this thyroid gland makes too much or too little of certain hormones. When this happens, you have a thyroid disorder. When there is a problem with the thyroid in women, it starts affecting pregnancy as well. How? Let’s know from the doctor.

Thyroid in Pregnancy

Dr. Shweta Sharma (MBBS, MD, Gynecologist) of Lucknow Apollo Clinic says that due to poor lifestyle in women, the problem of the thyroid is increasing nowadays. In such a situation, when it comes to pregnancy, happens in two ways. In women who already have thyroid problems, it causes many problems during pregnancy. Second, many times this problem occurs in women after pregnancy. Apart from this, hyperthyroidism i.e. enlargement of the thyroid, and hypothyroidism i.e. low thyroid, affect the condition of women and pregnancy in different ways.

World Thyroid Day Can Thyroid Cause Miscarriage Know 6 problems caused by this in pregnancy

The Thyroid can Cause Miscarriage – Can Hyperthyroidism Cause Miscarriage?

If Dr. Shweta is to be believed, hyperthyroidism is associated with infertility and pregnancy loss. Excessive production of thyroid hormone can cause some hormonal disturbances as well as cause many conditions that increase the risk of miscarriage. Apart from this, there can be many disadvantages of thyroid in pregnancy.

Loss of thyroid in pregnancy- Problems due to thyroid in pregnancy

1. Preeclampsia

Preeclampsia occurs when there is a problem of high blood pressure during pregnancy. This can happen after the 20th week or after giving birth. Due to this many times, the kidneys and liver are not able to work normally and its effect is on the unborn child. Also, it can put pressure on the mother’s heart and cause problems during pregnancy.

2. Placental Abruption

This is a serious condition in which the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus before birth. The placenta grows in your uterus and supplies food and oxygen to the baby through the umbilical cord.

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3. Premature Birth and Goiter

Many times there is a problem of premature birth due to thyroid problems during pregnancy. Also, such children are also more likely to have a goiter.

4. Pulmonary Hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension is high blood pressure that builds up in your lungs and arteries on the right side of your heart. It occurs due to thyroid problems during pregnancy and can be dangerous for both mother and baby.

5. Graves’ Disease

The antibodies that cause Graves’ disease cross the placenta during pregnancy. If you have Graves’ disease during pregnancy, your baby is at risk of developing thyroid conditions during and after birth.

6. Height and Weight Problems in Newborns (Dwarfism and Low Birthweight)

Thyroid problems during pregnancy can sometimes lead to problems related to short height and low weight in children. Such children may be underweight or their height may be less than normal.

So, it is important that women try to avoid thyroid. For this, correct diet and lifestyle. Exercise, keep the weight right, and take less stress. Apart from this, if you have a thyroid problem during pregnancy, then take special care of yourself with the doctor’s consultation.

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