What is RAM, and what are its Types and Power full Uses in 2022?

The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory. RAM is the memory of the computer. This is a temporary storage i.e. as soon as the device is turned off, the data stored in it is automatically removed. After that data cannot be brought back. That is why RAM is also called volatile memory. This is a memory consisting of a semiconductor and a flip-flop.

Do you know what is RAM (What is RAM in Hindi), then you must have heard these words many times. Whenever you go to buy a mobile and computer, then you definitely ask how much GB RAM is, some people also think that if there is more RAM then the mobile will not hang, will not slow, is it true about this You will also know today in this article.

Some people also believe that if the RAM is always empty, then the mobile speed will run and a question comes that you will get the answer of what is the work of RAM, along with this we will also talk about some other things about primary memory, so let’s know RAM. What is that called?

What is Memory and How Many Types Are There?

Your memory has become weak, has someone told you like this, if there is no answer, but you must have told someone in such a way that your memory has become weak, then this memory is called memory.

So just like whatever work we have to do, we keep that work in a place so that we can remember it and the name of the place is the brain, in the same way, there is a lot of memory inside the computer which is also called storage, computer Memory is a place where we store data and instructions, which we can remove whenever we want, to remove data from that memory.

So how does the computer know where the data and instruction are kept, so for this, the computer memory has been divided into small parts and the size of this part is the same, these parts are called cells.

What is RAM, and what are its Types and Power full Uses in 2022

The address of each cell remains, which is called the Memory Address. And memory address means the address of the cell, and the computer finds where the data is hidden through this address (Data such as your Mobile Number, Mp3, Video, File) all of them live in a single cell, and the cell address starts from 0.

The number of parts into which the cell is divided is one less than its last address, for example, if there is a memory of 5KB and cell size is 1 byte, then there are 5×1024=5120 cells of memory, which means that the grooves will be made and so 5120 address will be

Although there are mainly 3 types of memory in a computer, they all have different functions and specialties.

  • Primary memory
  • Secondary Memory
  • Cache memory

But in this article, I will talk about Primary Memory.

What is Primary Memory?

This memory is also called Main Memory, this memory holds the same data and instructions that the computer currently uses. The space of this memory is limited, the data remains in it as long as the power means electricity remains when the power is off, the data disappears.

It is made of semiconductors. Their speed is less, as compared to registers. Whatever data and instruction remain inside the computer, it is processed in this main memory. It has two categories first

  • RAM
  • ROM

What is RAM

The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory, which is also called Direct Access Memory. This memory remains in less size in the computer on more rounds. It is less as compared to secondary memory like mobile has up to 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, and 6GB.

So the next question comes what is the function of RAM? Whenever you run your mobile, you play games on it, run many applications, edit, etc. For all this, the mobile needs space, and this space comes from RAM only.

And let me tell you by taking a simple example when you play cricket, you don’t play in the bathroom, then you need more space for it like in the playground or in the street, so whenever you do any work in mobile throughout the day. Yes, the memory in which all that work is done is only RAM, so it is said that if the RAM is more, then you can run more applications on your mobile simultaneously.

What does RAM do when you watch a movie or listen to a song, this song or movie resides in the memory card, what the CPU does is extract the movie from the memory card and play the movie in RAM. The more applications you run simultaneously, the more RAM will be used.

And mobile will be slow or it will hang, so keep RAM free as much as possible. It becomes empty when the power stops running inside the mobile.

Understand well that your mobile phone is turned off, meaning if you have opened 4 to 5 applications on your mobile and you turn off your mobile and turn it on again, then you must have seen that all your applications are closed, so this Memory is also called Volatile Memory, you know what is RAM. Now you will know the characteristics of RAM.

Why is it called Random Access Memory?

Data and instructions are stored in the cells in RAM. Each cell is made up of some rows and columns, which have their own unique address. It is also called a cell path. CPU can get different data from these cells. And that too without any sequence means that the data available in RAM can be accessed randomly. Due to this feature, this memory has been named Random Access Memory.

What are the Features of RAM?

You have come to know about RAM, but what are its properties, you should also know this, let’s know.

  1. RAM is Volatile Memory.
  2. It is more expensive compared to other memory.
  3. Its capacity is less compared to secondary memory.
  4. Talking about speed, it is much faster than Secondary Memory.
  5. This memory becomes empty when the power is turned off.
  6. All programs, applications, and instructions run in this memory only.
  7. This memory is used by the CPU.
  8. It is also called the working memory of the computer.

Type of RAM

Now I will tell you how many types of RAM are there and what are they, by the way, there are two types.

  1. Static RAM
  2. Dynamic RAM
  1. What is Static RAM

This is known from the word Static, it is static, meaning that the data will remain in it as long as electricity keeps coming in it. It is also called SRAM. This chip uses 6 transistors and no capacitors, transistors do not need the power to prevent leakage, this power means electricity.

There is no need to refer to it again and again, the data remains stable. SRAM needs more chips than DRAM. To store data of the same size. Therefore, it takes more money to make SRAM than DRAM, so SRAM is used according to the cache memory, the cache memory is the fastest.

Characteristic Of SRAM

  • This goes on for days.
  • There is no need to refresh it again and again.
  • Quite fast.
  • It is used for cache memory.
  • Its size is more.
  • costlier than others.
  • It needs more power.
  1. What is Dynamic RAM

It is also called DRAM, it is the complete opposite of SRAM. It needs to be refreshed again and again if the data is to be retained. This can be possible only when this memory is combined with a refresh circuit.

Most of the time this DRAM is used to make system memory. This DRAM is made up of a capacitor and a transistor.

Characteristics Of DRAM

  • This lasts for very few days.
  • It needs to be refreshed again and again.
  • Quite slow.
  • It is used for cache memory.
  • Its size is less.
  • Cheaper than others.
  • it needs less power

What are the Benefits of having more RAM?

Imagine that your computer is a furniture shop.

Where the CPU core is one carpenter, a dual-core CPU has two carpenters working together, whereas a quad-core CPU has four carpenters, and so on. So the more core the better for you.

Here you can think of RAM as a workspace (in which workbenches, tables, and other working places are available), so the more RAM, the more workspace will be available to the “carpenters” (CPU cores) to work. With this, they can do their own work equally fast.

Whereas, you can think of a hard drive as a storage area, where all the tools are kept until they are needed by the carpenter.

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Whereas, having a larger work area (more RAM), the carpenter working there has to run less often in transporting his tools, which increases his overall speed of work.

From here you must have come to know how having more RAM increases both the capacity and speed of working. Therefore, having more RAM has its own advantages, which are reflected in the performance of the computer.

Is there any difference between a phone’s RAM and a PC’s RAM?

LPDDR is used in most mobile processors, while PCDDR is used in computers.

The full form of LPDDR is Low Power Double Data Synchronous RAM. Whereas the full form of PCDDR is Standard Double Data Synchronous RAM.

Both these RAMs differ from each other only in power. Mobile RAM is designed to save more power, while PC RAM is designed to increase performance.

Most mobile processors are designed using ARM architecture. Whereas PC RAM is built according to Intel’s x86 architecture.

Mobile processors are primarily designed to strike a balance between performance and power, as compared to PC RAM.

What did you Learn Today?

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All of you must have also made this goal that the capacity of RAM is increasing day by day, as a result, the speed of mobile will also increase, while you will be able to do many tasks at the same time without any lag. What is the difference between SRAM and DRAM (What is SRAM & DRAM in Hindi) You must have also known this?

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