What is Mobile Marketing and why is it Important in 2022?

Do you know what is mobile marketing? Why do people talk so much about it nowadays? I think the biggest reason for this is that today everyone uses Dekho Mobile. In this way, mobile has now become a necessity for us.

In such a situation, we have been using Mobile for all our work like Shopping, Ticket Booking, Medicine, Fees Payment, etc. That’s why it matters a lot for any business too.

Because today everyone has mobiles available, companies want to use them for marketing their products as well. By doing this, Mobile Marketing has taken Online Business to another level. Because of this, the model of business has completely changed.

What is Mobile Marketing and why is it Important in 2022

Now business is getting very easy to reach its customers and with this, you also get more exposure to market trends, which helps you to grow your business.

Perhaps you must be thinking right now that after all, mobile marketing is very important for any business, why was not known in advance. So do not take tension at all because today I am going to give you complete information about mobile marketing so that there will be no doubt in your mind about mobile marketing.

Then without delay, let’s start and know what is mobile marketing and what are the benefits of it.

What is Mobile Marketing (Mobile Marketing in English)

Mobile marketing is called such marketing in which a mobile device is used to do marketing. In this, any marketing activities can be done through mobile devices such as any online shopping or SMS notification for the advertisement of any product.

Andreas Kaplan, a famous marketing specialist, has something to say about mobile marketing that is such a marketing activity that is done through a ubiquitous network and to which the consumer or customer is constantly connected with the help of their personal mobile device.

If seen, it is very similar to Internet Marketing where marketers need users to provide their services and advertise their products.

This type of marketing takes a lot of research to understand the nature of the mobile user, design the mobile platform accordingly, and adopt different techniques of mobile marketing. With this, we have to keep in mind whether people are continuously getting other advertisements like email, SMS, and MMS or not to stay connected.

What is Mobile Marketing and why is it Important in 2022

Mobile Marketing, Customers, and Business World

If we talk about the current business world, then mobile marketing is a very sophisticated marketing procedure. With the help of this, it is easy for business owners to contact their customers directly so that they can advertise their products. With this, the business of eCommerce can be increased very easily.

Marketers can now contact customers according to their nature and requirement. They can do this research to know what kind of products the customers are searching for and they will advertise the products according to their requirements. I feel that this is the time to use mobile in marketing and the one who is not doing so is probably lagging behind others.

How Does Mobile Marketing Work?

Ads are mainly used in mobile marketing on mobile smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

These ads are visible on the screen of Mobile. Ads format, customization, and styles of Mobile Marketing can vary from each other as different Social Media Platforms, Websites and Mobile Apps provide mobile ad options according to their own.

Why Do We Need Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Our business needs Mobile Marketing Strategy in the same way as Computer and Wifi access – As we know very well that we are living in this era of the Internet, Wi-Fi. If you go to any major city right now, you will find most people glued to their SmartPhones.

It has been revealed from a survey that about 40% of users spend their internet time on these mobile devices only and in such a situation, we should understand very well to what extent people are using mobile phones.

Some information about mobile marketing statistics:

  • More than 80% of mobile device time is spent on apps and games
  • More than 70% of people browse with the help of their mobile devices as compared to their computers.
  • Mobile searches have grown by more than 200% in the past few years
  • It is believed that Mobile Search will even surpass Desktop Search in the next 5 years.

Therefore it is not wrong at all to say that mobile will remain in the Mehjuda market for a long time and very soon it can take the place of traditional computers. So if you have not thought about mobile marketing yet, then think soon, otherwise, it will be found later that someone else has gone ahead of you during your thinking time.

Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies in English

By the way, there are many Mobile Marketing Strategies worth using. But it works according to business. It works according to the type of your business, industry, target audience, and budget. So let’s know more about them then.

App-Based Marketing:

Mobile Apps are used in this Mobile Advertising. As we know, more than 80% of people use most of the apps on their mobiles, so you do not need to create a new app for marketing. With the help of services such as Google AdMob, advertisers can also create mobile ads and which they can advertise in other third-party mobile apps.

Similarly, Facebook also helps advertisers to create ads that they can advertise in the Facebook mobile app. Facebook’s Promoted Post ads are so well absorbed in Facebook’s feed that users do not even know whether they are viewing any ads or any feed.

In-Game Mobile Marketing:

In-game mobile marketing is called mobile ads that appear in mobile games. These in-game ads appear as banner pop-ups, full-page image ads, or video ads. And these are visible at the time of screen loading.

QR Codes:

QR Codes are often used to take users to a specific webpage. Therefore advertisers can also include their ads in those QR Codes so that whenever a user scans those QR Codes, he goes to the ads of the advertisers first.

Location-Based Marketing:

This location-based marketing is very specific marketing because it shows ads only when the user is within the scope of the targeted location. And it shows about the business located in the same location.

Mobile Search Ads:

These are basic Google Search ads designed for mobile only, and with additional add-on extensions such as click-to-call or maps.

Mobile Image Ads:

These image-based ads are designed according to mobile and are shown on mobile devices.


Even in the form of SMS, advertisers can send ads for their products to the mobile device of the users so that interested users can buy them.

Google Mobile Ad Extensions

If you are creating Mobile Search Ads with the help of Google, then you can also use Google’s nifty mobile ad extensions, which have some great features:-

Mobile Site Links:

With the help of these Mobile Site Links, mobile users can easily jump to specific pages of any website and they will not have to wander here and there. Sites Linking is very important for Mobile Marketing because it is very convenient for users of Mobile Devices.

Click-to-Call Mobile Ad Extension:

In this click-to-call extension, the “call” button is located below the ad. And if a user clicks it, then automatically it generates a business number on the user’s mobile device.
This benefits a lot of advertisers as well as users because they get the number of things needed soon, which makes it easy to buy. With this, the business can be done easily.

Google Offers for Mobile:

Google offers such mobile ad extensions so that advertisers can give their discount offers and coupons under the ads. This special offer attracts the attention of the user to those users who used to ignore them as ads.

Click-to-Download Ad Extension:

This Click-to-download ad extension is very similar to Click-to-call, but instead of generating a phone number, it takes you to a download page where advertisers are pre-selected. Is.

Local Ad Extensions:

Local Ad Extensions are more useful than all Ad Extensions because in every 3 searches there is 1 search local Mobile search. Now you can guess how much they need for Local Ad Extensions is as compared to all other Ad Extensions.

That’s why in the current mobile marketing strategy, what is the big part of Local Ad Extention? And one thing, in this, the mobile numbers of the users have to be linked with Google Maps so that their exact location can be known.

What are Mobile Marketing Best Practices

Here I am going to tell you about some very best mobile marketing tips so that you can make full use of your mobiles.

You have to be Clear and Concise:

As we know that the screen of mobile devices is very small, so we have to write the words thoughtfully, otherwise, users will never read them. That’s why we have to write Ads more clearly and Concise so that users also find them interesting.

Ads will have to be Optimized According to Local Search:

Like I have told you earlier that in every 3 searches, 1 search is local. That’s why we should take special care of Local Searches. So that more of our users came locally.

Give Importance to Your Audience:

We have to identify our audience properly. We have to know which domain a visitor is talking about. For example, if someone is a gamer, then they should promote in-game ads, whereas if someone is tech savvy then they will have to provide technology-related ads.

We will have to Experiment with Different Strategies:

As you also know that there are many strategies that you can use, in such a way, you will know only after experimenting with which strategy is effective for you.

Review your Results:

Experimenting is a very good thing, but it will also be in vain if you are not tracking the results of your experiment. This can also harm you, so if you believe me, review your results and change it as per your need.

Privacy and Security in Mobile Marketing

We cannot ignore Privacy and Security. Because we have to maintain the contact numbers and other details of the users well. Therefore, it is the responsibility of marketers to take good care of the details of the users and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. For this, you can follow some steps.

  • Never share important details of customers with anyone under any circumstances.
  • Marketers should have permission to message users. In this process, users should have the option they can enable or disable this process according to their needs. This will give them more confidence in you.

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