Top 5 Best Sharing Videos Websites Fastest way to Make Money Online in 2022?

Top 5 Best Sharing Videos Websites: Yes, you read that correctly: you can get money online simply by uploading videos. You can make money online from home in a variety of methods, including forum posting, freelance writing, starting a blog, logo design, Fiverr, and many other options.

However, many activities necessitate certain talents, and some of them require you to build a social network and earn money. We’ll talk about how to get money by sharing videos in this article.

The simplest of the above-mentioned methods is to earn money by posting videos on various websites. I’m going to speak about some video-sharing sites where you can make money today.

Videos and images are the types of content that become viral in a matter of seconds. If you have innovative ideas and excellent video-making skills, then submitting videos to revenue-sharing sites can help you significantly enhance your primary income source.

These types of revenue-sharing video services are becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

This video-sharing site operates on a basic revenue-sharing or pay-per-view (PPV) approach. They give you a space to post your films in exchange for running adverts on it. They pay you according to the number of views your video receives.

In short, if you know how to handle a camera properly and have unique and entertaining video ideas, you’re on your way to making money using video-sharing services. Now, whether you’re a solo video producer or a video production firm, you can always use these video-sharing sites to generate money. Below is a list of video-sharing services where you may make money by sharing videos.

Top 5 Best Sharing Videos Websites Fastest Way

1. :

YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing websites, and practically every internet user is familiar with it and has used it at some point. YouTube is the finest site to upload your videos and earn a lot of money at the same time. The majority of people make a lot of money by posting videos on YouTube.

Top 5 Best Sharing Videos Websites Fastest way to Make Money Online in 2022

And some of them are making a living off of their YouTube channels; in essence, they are running a company on the platform. It’s incredibly easy to generate money on YouTube; all you have to do is open an AdSense account and link it to your YouTube account.

And setting up a YouTube account is simple; all you need is a Google account, after which you can set up a YouTube account, and your YouTube channel will be up and running. You can now begin posting videos of it as well as money.


It’s similar to YouTube and is the second-largest video-sharing website after YouTube. Every month, this site has around 200 million visitors.

Dailymotion pays you 70% of the ad revenue generated by the videos you upload. Its partner program was previously limited to the United States and France, but it is now open to all uploaders globally. If you have at least $100 in your publisher account, Dailymotion will pay you every quarter. Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment.

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3. is another name on our list of video-sharing websites that make money, and it is the finest alternative to YouTube and Dailymotion. allows users to upload videos, images, and flash games, just like other video-sharing services.

It implies that you can publish videos, short video clips, and photographs, as well as sell your games. will not pay you money to advertise on other video-sharing sites such as YouTube, thus there is no way to make money. When your video, photos, or games reach the homepage or first page of, you will get paid. For example, if your films make it to the site’s home page, you’ll be paid roughly $2000. If your uploaded photographs are accepted into the site’s Gallery, you can earn about $25.

4. :

It’s one of the many names for video-sharing services that pay you to share videos. Every month, it receives approximately 50 million unique visits. Based on global traffic, total page views, and time spent on the site, MetaCafe is the world’s largest independent video site.

MetaCafe is the only site that uses its audience’s collective intelligence to filter and surface the most enjoyable videos, making it the best destination to view and share high-quality, entertaining video content.

MetaCafe has a producer incentive program (PRP). Users can earn up to $5 every 1000 watchers with MetaCafe.

5. :

The Vault is a Break company that allows you to sell your movies to them so that they can share them on their network and on YouTube. If you upload videos here, you may gain greater exposure than if you publish them elsewhere. You can get compensated by cheque or PayPal, which is a good option given the effort you put in.

The FAQs for particular requirements and queries on selling your film for money might help you understand more about this site.


This essay is mostly intended for novices who want to begin working online and earn a reasonable amount of money just by uploading videos to the given platform.

YouTube is the finest option among all of the platforms listed above. If your content is good enough to have an impact on others, you will gain a lot of subscribers and traffic on this platform.

If you use such a site to make money, please let me know. Share this article on all of the most popular social media platforms.

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