Remove These Problems of the Body with Chandra Namaskar Yoga, know the method and Precautions

Chandra Namaskar Yoga: Practicing yoga asanas is considered very beneficial to keeping the body healthy. By practicing yoga regularly, you can keep your body fit and free from diseases. Many of you will know about Surya Namaskar Yoga, but do you know that like Surya Namaskar, the practice of Chandra Namaskar Yoga is also very beneficial for the body.

Practicing Chandra Namaskar is beneficial in removing many diseases from the body. Just as you practice 12 asanas while practicing Surya Namaskar, 14 different asanas are practiced in Chandra Namaskar too. Considering the benefits and importance of yoga, now awareness has spread about it all over the world.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Click blog has brought you a special series in which we are telling you in detail about 1 Yogasan daily from the well-known Yoga Guru Grand Master Akshar. Let us know in this article the benefits and method of Chandra Namaskar Yoga from Yoga Guru Akshar.

Benefits of Practicing Chandra Namaskar

The practice of Chandra Namaskar is very beneficial to keep the body calm and healthy. By practicing this yoga posture daily, your mind remains calm and the body gets relaxed. The practice of Chandra Namaskar daily is very beneficial to overcome the problems related to sleep. If you practice Chandra Namaskar Yoga daily in the right way, then your body gets these benefits-

Remove these problems of the body with Chandra Namaskar Yoga, know the method and precautions

1. The practice of Chandra Namaskar Yoga daily is considered very beneficial to overcoming mental problems like stress and depression.

2. The practice of Chandra Namaskar Yoga daily is very beneficial to making the spine strong and flexible and keeping the balance of the body right.

3. The practice of Chandra Namaskar Yoga daily is very beneficial to improving the respiratory system and circulatory systems and overcoming the problems related to them.

4. The practice of Chandra Namaskar Yoga is very beneficial if there is a problem of pain in the lower part of the body.

5. If there is a problem with migraine, practicing Chandra Namaskar Yoga daily is considered very beneficial.

6. Daily practice of Chandra Namaskar is also beneficial for keeping the heart healthy and reducing the risk of heart-related diseases.

Chandra Namaskar Yoga Asanas

Chandra Namaskar Yoga is a group of many yogasanas. A total of 14 yogasanas are involved in Chandra Namaskar and their names are as follows-

1. Pranamasana

2. Hasta Uttanasana

3. Foot Hastsana

4. Horse Steering

5. Ardha Chandrasana

6. Equilibrium

7. Ashtanga Namaskar

8. Bhujangasana

9. Adho Mukha Shavasana

After these 9 yoga asanas, you have to practice some of these yogasanas again, which are as follows-

10. Horse Steering

11. Ardha Chandrasana

12. Foot Hastasana

13. Hasta Uttanasana

14. Pranamasana

How to Practice Chandra Namaskar

To practice Chandra Namaskar, follow these steps-

  • First of all, stand in the posture of Pranamasana and keep the neck straight and come in the posture of praying or bowing.
  • Lean back by pushing the hands back and while inhaling, bring the hands forward and up.
  • Leaning forward while exhaling. Keep your hands on the floor. Bend the knees, then with the hands on the floor, straighten the knees.
  • Push the right leg back as far as possible, touching the right knee on the floor and looking up.
  • Holding your breath, push the left leg back. Keeping the knees straight, bring the body in a straight line.
  • Exhale and pull back. Drive hips to heels, forehead towards knees, and keep hands firmly in front.
  • Keeping the chin close to the ground, move forward. Do this easy by touching your chin, chest, palms of your hands, knees, and soles of your feet.
  • While inhaling go into cobra position. Hands under shoulders, do this easy by bringing elbows to heels together. Press the pelvis off the ground and lift it up. Focus on bending in the upper back.
  • Inhale and extend the arms and legs in an inverted ‘V’ position. Keep your heels on the ground and look up.
  • After this, come again in the posture of Pranamasana, and in this way, a sequence of Chandra Namaskar is completed.

Precautions Related to Chandra Namaskar

While practicing Chandra Namaskar, you should keep proper track of time. Practicing this yogasana in the nighttime is considered more beneficial. Apart from this, the stomach should be completely empty while practicing it.

People who have back pain problems should not practice Chandra Namaskar Yoga. If you have any problem with your bones, then definitely consult a doctor before practicing this yoga asana. Apart from this, pregnant women should also not practice Chandra Namaskar.

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