Guardian Angel Personalized System Review – Does It Really Work 2021?

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Guardian Angel Personalized System: We all have a lot to be thankful for. However, many people begin to lose hope after reaching a certain age, usually above 40, but sometimes as young as 20. They feel that their lives are over.

And even with what they already have (luck, assets, knowledge, skills, abilities), as well as the good things they have done and the smart decisions they have made in the past, they feel like they have to settle for much less than they bargained for. because, dreamed, desired for themselves and their loved ones.

This above statement is a powerful fact: it determines the welfare of the greater part of humanity.

To make matters worse, they may have made some naive mistakes, been cheated on by someone, or gotten themselves into financial burdens, making them feel “underground” rather than in an advanced position when they want to reinvent and restart their lives.

Guardian Angel Personalized System

Guardian Angel Personalized System has been created precisely for people over 40 in such a situation. It was articulated by an enlightened couple, Ric and Liz Thompson, after many years of research around the world. The need was triggered after they went through the turmoil of their own life and wanted to find a way out of it, permanently.

The System helps us find our true purpose and our calling in life by getting in touch with our three angels who watch over us, and each day has a special message for us. If we listen to them, we have a good chance of having a happy, harmonious and pleasant life ahead of us.

Guardian Angel Personalized System Review


What You Will Learn In The Guardian Angel Personalized System

Co-creator Ric Thompson has found evidence to believe that each of us has our own three different angels assigned to us at his birth. That is why the word “Custom” in the title of the program.

Our three angels have a special message that we must be fully aware of if we want to discover the true purpose of our life.

If you want to know which three angels are watching you since your birth, you must enter your first name, last name and date of birth on Ric’s website.

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According to the author, three types of angels that watch over you are:

The Guiding Angel of The Path of Life

This angel has a message about our life’s challenges, victories, and lessons. Our life path guiding angel can tell us opportunities we will land on in the near future.

The Akashic Angel

This angle is aware of our personal history. The angel assigned for this task can tell us things about our past that prevent us from achieving our greatest manifestation of success.

Guardian Angel Personalized System Review

The Guardian Angel

This angel is looking for how specifically we can overcome our challenges in life as they occur. We can connect with this angel to discover the best way to deal with problems in your love, family or work. We can use this angel to overcome the challenges that lie ahead in the near future.

The personalized Guardian Angel program doesn’t just contain information about your three angels.

Instead, we find out how they come to us using prayers and invocations that you can use to connect with these angels anytime, anywhere.

Invocations, incantations and prayers are less than half a page long, so we can write and recite them anytime and anywhere we want.

What will you get in the Guardian Angel custom set?

After gaining access to this program, you will get:

Personalized Three Angel Reports

These reports give us insight into the three angels assigned at our birth to watch over us. Our angels have powerful messages for us that are shared with us when we connect with them.

Invocations and prayers

The best way to connect with our angels is through specific invocations and heartfelt prayers. This book contains personalized prayers and invocations that we use to connect with our angels. In this way we find out what they want to tell us.

The Guided Meditation MP3 Audio

A great way to tune in to have a strong bond with our angels is by listening to the Guided Meditation audio track. This audio recorded by a lady named Cathryn because she has God-given gifts and abilities to connect angels with us humans.

Archangel Messages to You

Every Sunday, we receive a message that a team of like-minded people work behind the scenes to decipher and send to us.

About the Authors

Ric and Liz Thompson went through a traumatic phase in their lives when they set out to discover what might help them in the quantum realm.

The Quantum Realm is where invisible dominant forces exist. These energies are in and around us all the time. They bring us good and bad events.

His finances were in shambles and this was beginning to affect his marriage, his inner peace, and his physical health. It could have been a downward spiral from there.

Fortunately, due to their strong levels of intention, sincerity, positivity, and love for each other, they were able to attract enlightened souls who opened their eyes to the three guardian angels and how to communicate with them.

An old woman, who helped them discover these three angels, told them how ancient humans were taking their help to live a happy and meaningful life, no matter what fate the path might bring.

Guardian Angel Personalized System Review

The old woman gave them a list of prayers and invocations. Ric and Liz then used it themselves to reconnect with their angels and get over their financial debt.

Amazed by the results, they tested this secret knowledge with several other people they know who were also suffering through no fault of their own. What they found is that prayers work only if we use the correct methods to connect with our angels.

During their more than a decade research in a dozen countries on 4 continents, conversing with seers, sages and clairvoyants, they discovered many other metaphysical assets that worked splendidly for them. They consider themselves truly fortunate to have been on that journey and now feel they have an immense responsibility to serve and share with humanity.

This is the story behind the Personalized Guardian Angel System and Ric and Liz’s motivations.

The sole purpose of this program is to help worthy and worthy human beings connect with their angels.

You may eventually discover your three angels going through a similar long journey. But Ric and Liz have made this process easier for us by sharing the exact prayers and invocations we can use to connect with our angels, saving us years of time, effort, and even money.


  • Connects You to Your Guardian Angel – The main goal of the personalized Guardian Angel system is to connect your communication with your own true Guardian Angels. By knowing, understanding, and listening to your Guardian Angel, we can solve most of life’s problems much more easily.

  • It helps us discover the true purpose of our life: our guardian angels not only help us solve problems, but also put us on the right path of realization, alignment with the universe and, as a result, joy within us that can last. . (not temporary, ephemeral and fragile climbs that also leave us collapsing).

  • Created by Experienced Authors – This system was created by authors who solved their difficulties and problems with the help of these three guardian angels. We can ask them our questions and they can give us answers that reveal the meaning of our existence, nature and purpose.

  • Gives You Prayers To Call Angels For Help: The authors, Ric and Liz Thompson, spend over ten years discovering prayers that can be used to call these guardian angels for help. With the help of these angels, you can choose the right career, job, and life partner to live a happy life.

  • Portable Digital Format: This system comes in an e-book format that allows people to read it at any time and they can carry this e-book on their phones, iPods, or laptops and read it when they have free time.

  • Results may vary – we are all unique. The success of this program depends on how regularly and seriously we use the prayers and other resources that Ric and Liz provide us. This is a personalized program, with specific prayers for our needs. They are given to us to call upon our own personal guardian angels to protect and care for us.

  • It takes practice and commitment – we don’t reach our guardian angels in just a day or two. As with anything worthwhile, we need to take at least a few minutes every day to continue praying regularly. And soon our guardian angels appear. According to the authors, their guardian angels will be in the form of a living being that we have seen before: an animal such as a horse, a dog or a bird.


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