What is a Good Beginner Workout to Lose Weight?

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Why Do Many People Fail to Burn Fat?

Every day we are told that “if you want to lose weight, you must go on a diet, exercise more, etc.” The truth is that those old methods have some truth in them. However, they don’t get you very far. It’s because we all bet on a half-truth method to burn fat and lose weight.

Switch from a “Junk Food Diet” to a “Plant-based Salad Diet”

I must say this is too common. If you wanted to lose weight, the first thing you think about is to start eating salads, right? incorrect.

When someone suddenly switches to a salad diet, they gain water weight instead of losing weight. Because they do not have the proper enzymes to digest the soluble fiber in leafy vegetables that absorb water.

What is a Good Beginner Workout to Lose Weight

It takes time for a person to develop the proper enzymes to digest a salad. Instead of switching to a salad diet, try starting with a fruit and vegetable smoothie with healthy fats from bananas, coconut, flaxseed, and avocados, for example.

Healthy fats are there to stop hunger and cravings.

Eat Big Breakfasts in The Morning

Eating a big breakfast in the morning is probably not the best idea if you are trying to burn body fat and lose weight. First of all, large meals tend to slow down your metabolism a bit. Keep doing it every day and it becomes a habit. Instead, try reducing the size of your breakfast meal or start with breakfast shakes. Think light meals.

Exercising Too Much in One Day

Another common mistake people make is exercising too much in a day at the gym. They think that if they work out for 3 hours in the gym one day and rest the next two days, they will lose weight. It’s not about the number of hours you spend exercising, but the number of days you consistently exercise.

Try to exercise for an hour every day consistently and see how it will work for you.

High Interval Workouts

In other words, high intensity interval training. This type of training is usually done with an interval timer. Like exercising nonstop for the first minute and then resting the next minute and resting after that and so on.

This tends to give people a greater chance of losing weight. Because interval training speeds up your metabolism to burn more fat in rest mode. You can also increase the intensity of the exercise by adding more reps in a set or adding more seats to the interval timer.

Strength Training with Powerlifting

Weight lifting or weight training is a great way to increase fat burning in certain places in your muscles. This is a proven method of burning body fat. I recommend it.

Stress and Lack of Sleep

Being under stress at a high level can affect your ability to lose weight. Because often lack of sleep follows stress. There are two hormones in your body called leptin and ghrelin.

Leptin controls appetite, metabolism, and the ability to burn fat.

Grehlin tells you when to eat, when to stop burning fat, etc.

When more grehlin is produced in your body, you crave to eat more and more. When leptin is low due to lack of sleep, grehlin increases. To make more leptin, you need more sleep.

When more grehlin is produced in your body, you crave to eat more and more. When leptin is low due to lack of sleep, grehlin increases. To make more leptin, you need more sleep.

What is a Good Beginner Workout to Lose Weight

Too Many Healthy Fats in a Diet

When someone eats too many healthy fatty foods. Like avocados, bananas, walnuts, olive oil, salmon, coconut, etc. it adds calories and a ton. In general, it is best to keep healthy fats to a minimum. Enough to keep you full until your next meal should be good.

Other Diets on how to Burn Fat

There are tons and tons of different fat burning tips out there. Such as intermittent fasts, detox diets, supplements, pills, garcinia cambogia, etc.

The reason these diets claim they work is for one thing. The ability to stay full until your next meal while you can exercise and burn body fat.

Comforting Eating Habits

Now who doesn’t love a bowl of ice cream at night? I know . But eating our favorite comfort foods too often can affect our ability to lose weight because the chemicals in our cakes, cookies, ice cream, etc. add toxins to our bodies and prevent our liver from absorbing vitamins and nutrients from vegetables and fruits when we eat healthy. With that said, to lose weight, you need to ditch these comfort foods. This is why I always recommend shake diets because they are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and natural sugars rather than artificial sugars.

Alcohol, Tobacco, Drugs

If you have bad habits of alcohol, tobacco and drug use, you will not be able to lose weight at all. Because of the toxins that drugs contain. Drinking alcohol also prevents you from losing weight.

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