By doing Dandasana yoga, the Lungs are Strong and These Diseases Stay Away, How to know and Precautions

Yoga is being practiced in our country since ancient times to make the body fit and healthy. Dandasana is also practiced to protect the body from many diseases and problems as well as to keep it fit and healthy. Dandasana is made up of two words in the Sanskrit language.

In which the first word is stick or stick and the second word is an asana which means yoga posture. Dandasana is also known as Staff Pose in English. The practice of Dandasana is very beneficial for increasing the efficiency of the body and fixing the balance. Considering the benefits and importance of yoga, now awareness has spread about it all over the world.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, brings to you a special series in which we will tell you in detail about 1 Yogasan daily from the well-known Yoga Guru Grand Master Akshar. Let us know the benefits of Dandasana, the method of practice, and what precautions should be taken while practicing it.

By doing Dandasana yoga, the Lungs are Strong and These Diseases Stay Away, How to know and Precautions

Benefits of Practicing Dandasana

Dandasana Yoga is a simple and easy yoga posture, practiced by which both the strength and capacity of the body increase. Dandasana is also practiced as the first pose in Ashtanga Yoga. By practicing Dandasana yoga daily, you get a lot of benefits from these problems and diseases.

1. Beneficial Dandasana in the problem related to the spine

By practicing Dandasana daily, you get a lot of benefits in problems related to the spine. The spine is very important to give structure to the body and back. Due to improper sitting or any injury etc., there is a high risk of problems related to the spine. Practicing Dandasana daily increases the flexibility of your spine and reduces the chances of injury.

2. Very beneficial in lung problems

Practicing Dandasana daily improves the capacity of the lungs and is beneficial in removing problems related to the lungs. You can easily practice this yoga posture daily. By practicing this, the diaphragm of your lungs opens and the difficulty in breathing goes away. Do practice Dandasana to strengthen the lungs and reduce the risk of diseases and problems associated with it.

3. Sciatica KD Beneficial in reducing pain

Daily practice of Dandasana is very beneficial to remove the pain of sciatica. Practicing this benefits the lower parts of your body. If you are also troubled by the problem of sciatica, then you can practice Dandasana after consulting your doctor.

4. Useful in removing mental problems

By practicing Dandasana daily, your mind remains calm and there is a lot of benefit to mental problems. By practicing this, the level of stress hormone cortisol present in your body is reduced and it is beneficial in reducing stress or tension. The practice of this yoga is also beneficial for increasing memory and focusing the mind.

5. Dandasana very beneficial in asthma disease

The practice of Dandasana is very beneficial in asthma disease. You must practice Dandasana daily to get rid of shortness of breath and other problems in the problem of asthma. Practicing this also reduces the risk of asthma attacks.

How To Practice Dandasana

  • To practice Dandasana yoga, first of all, sit on the yoga mat.
  • Now spread both your legs forward and then stick them together.
  • After this, pull the toes of both your feet towards your body.
  • During this, keep your thighs and ankles pressed on the floor.
  • After this keep both the hands straight and palms on the floor.
  • During this, keep the neck and spine straight.
  • Keep your chest lifted and the collarbone stretched out.
  • During this, pull the shoulders slightly and take a deep breath while looking in front.
  • Stay in this posture for about 20 seconds to a minute.

Keep these precautions in mind while practicing Dandasana

If you have any pain or discomfort in the lower part of the body, then avoid practicing Dandasana. While practicing this yoga, you must take care of your body posture. Do not practice Dandasana if you have high blood pressure. Apart from this, if you are starting this yoga posture, then first practice it under the supervision of an expert or yoga guru.

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