Custom Keto Diet: What No one Is Talking About

Custom Keto Diet: Are you a person with a severe weight problem? Looks unattractive due to excess belly fat? Do you want to have a slim body? If so, the solution is to read our full review of the personalized ketogenic diet.

Obesity is a growing problem around the world today. The world is experiencing a huge increase in obesity due to the wrong diet. So how do you know about the diet that will not add weight to your body? For this, you need an easy-to-follow custom Keto diet plan.

This program will give you a complete eating plan that will not include any weight on your body. People know that excess fat can be detrimental to your health.

It can cause serious illnesses that you may not want to go through. There are many weight loss products on the market that can help you lose a few pounds from your body. Although they work, they usually damage your health.

There are quite a few programs available that can help you shed pounds from your body without any side effects. Such a product gives you additional strength and contributes to your better well-being.

Custom Keto Diet

Custom Keto Diet is among those programs that will give you a healthier life and help you lose weight. But should you examine it? In this personalized ketogenic diet review, you will know a lot about the program.

There are quite a few programs available that can help you shed pounds from your body without any side effects. Such a product gives you additional strength and contributes to your better well-being.

Custom Keto Diet is among those programs that will give you a healthier life and help you lose weight. But should you examine it? In this personalized ketogenic diet review, you will know a lot about the program.

What is the personalized ketogenic diet?

It’s a plan that guides you through ketogenic meals and snacks for a healthier life. You will get the plan for consuming a proper diet for the next two months.

All the food included in the program is tasty and healthy. Speeds up the rate of the fat loss mechanism in the body. The program targets leptin resistance, which is the main reason behind weight gain.

Custom Keto Diet

As it is a custom system, you will get the custom keto diet plan based on the data you enter before purchasing the product. So it means that everyone will get different diet plans, but they will be worth consuming.

It won’t have any adverse influence on your health, so you won’t have to worry about any wellness issues. You will also get a nutrition breakdown so you can know how many calories you are consuming per day. You will achieve a healthier lifestyle thanks to this program.

About Rachel Roberts – The Creator

Rachel Roberts is the owner of the ketogenic diet. She is a health and fitness coach who knows some secrets that anyone dealing with obesity can use to lose fat and feel healthy and energetic.

Due to increasing demand from people with obesity problems, Rachel Roberts decided to launch something that can help people with health problems.

After going through many scientific studies, she discovered a secret method that can change the lives of people with an obesity problem. She put that secret in the Keto product that has helped curvy people to gain a slimmer lifestyle.

Custom Keto Diet

The best part is that once she completes the program, she does not need to use it again because it is like a permanent solution. She will not regain weight even if she stops using the product after completing it. The only important thing is not to stray completely from healthy eating and eat only bad foods.

How does the custom ketogenic diet plan work?

Simple is the only word that can describe how this product works. There is nothing unusual in its operation, but the program will give you unique and extraordinary results.

The program offers you a list of options based on your eating habits, lifestyles, and goals. Once you answer all the questions listed, you will receive a personalized plan that you can use for up to eight weeks.

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Please note that this plan will be customizable and will depend on the information you are adding when answering the questions at the beginning. So try to give the correct details so that you can get the best plan.

From basic to advanced, you will learn everything about the Keto diet. The program will add a variety of meats, snacks, and vegetables to your meal plan.

You will get different options to choose from to eat at a specific time. However, you can choose the food that you like the most. So it’s great that you lose weight even without stopping eating your favorite foods. Don’t worry even if you exceed your calorie intake with one meal, as you can easily customize your calorie intake at other meals. The most important thing is to stick with a planned caloric intake for one day. You can reach your limit with one big meal or 5 small meals. It all depends on your preferences.

Custom Keto Diet

What comes with the custom ketogenic diet plan?

There is an extensive registry of functions that you will access with the program. The following are some features that you will get:

(p.s before you get started, it’s important to mention that the plan comes with a refund policy that allows you a 60-day money-back guarantee. Try the plan and if it doesn’t work for you, simply request a refund, no questions asked. )

  • You’ll get access to a personalized eight-week meal plan from health experts. This plan will include nutritionists, diets, and health and fitness tips. If you follow the program, you will get optimal progress of your wishes.
  • The personalized meal plan that you will get with this Keto product is a science-based technique that helps the user to bring the macro and calories to a suitable level so that they can achieve their goals.
  • Unlike other diet products, it features keto foods that are tasty so you won’t have a hard time eating them. You will like to eat more and more because of the fantastic taste. But be sure not to exceed the food indicated in the program.
  • You will receive instructions through which you will have the opportunity to personalize your meal plan. The program offers several options that you can select according to your desire. You will experience great results even after eating the diet you like from the options.

The program adds everything mentioned above and a few more elements, including:

  • Keto Diet 101 – Book and Video
  • Your personalized ketogenic diet
  • Party appetizers
  • Fat pumps
  • Keto chocolate treats
  • Keto desserts
  • Avocado Recipes
  • Bacon Recipes
  • Keto Peanut Butter Treats
  • Keto chocolate treats
  • Keto Fast Recipes
  • Salty foods
  • Ketogenic Superfood Shakes

As you can see from the list above, the Keto diet allows you to eat even your favorite food, or as it is often called “cheat food.” The most important thing in Keto is the balance and calorie intake that you will master following the program.

Custom Keto Diet

Benefits of Using a Custom Ketogenic Diet Plan

This personalized ketogenic diet plan will change your thick body into a slim one. It has other advantages that I mention below.

Customizable diet

You will be surprised to know that this program has a customizable diet. I have never seen a program that allows you to customize your eating plan.

Even after customizing the plan, you will get exceptional results. The program will give you a beautiful thick body.

Due to that customizable plan, you can select your favorite food to eat. Even after eating the desired food, you will get weight loss results. Many diets revolve around the idea of ​​eliminating your favorite food and consuming more “healthy” foods.

That is the main reason many diet plans fail. People just can’t stick to a diet plan with food choices they can’t even imagine. You can fully adjust your schedule and meal plans as you prefer. On top of that, you’ll get amazing keto recipes that you can make from home in just minutes.

Delicious and natural food

Everyone wants to lose weight while eating. But it is possible? Yes, you can eat delicious food and still lose the obesity problem. But how is it possible? Well this is only possible thanks to custom ketogenic diet plans.

You will get a list of a delicious diet and you can choose the food you want. The program allows you to choose the food that you like the most and, even so, you will lose weight.

It is important to note that the ketogenic diet is based on natural foods and whole ingredients packed with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. The most harmful ingredients in a modern diet are definitely the additives and chemicals that are added to regular food. On this diet program, you will avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Attractive Body

Do you want other people to appreciate you for your beautiful body? If so, this program is for you. This program will make you achieve a slimmer and attractive body.

The product will transform your obesity problem into a lovable body. You will feel your activity level increase while your fat is reduced at the same time. The plan is easy and fun to practice due to the delicious food, so you won’t find any difficulties.

High energy levels

Interestingly, the ketogenic diet does not focus on dramatically reducing calorie intake, which leads to loss of energy and constant tiredness. In the custom plan, you will learn why a certain meal is amazing for your energy levels and the ways to prepare it at home. For example, the addition of Avocado and Peanut Butter Recipes gives you a hundred tasty meal ideas for high energy levels.

Frequent questions

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions for the Custom Keto Diet program. If you have any additional questions that you cannot find in our guide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Should You Buy Keto Diet Over Other Weight Loss Products?

A personalized diet is one of the main reasons that can push you to invest your money in this program. You may not find any weight loss products that offer a customizable diet.

The program will provide you with a list of foods that you can consume according to your desire. You can select any food product from that list that you want to eat.

Isn’t it great that you’re going to experience weight loss by eating your favorite food? So I guess it is an important factor that can help you decide which weight loss product to try.

Does this diet have other benefits besides weight loss?

The diet plan features several health benefits that you never want to miss out on.

Once you use the meal plan, you will experience surges in energy and reduce your risk of heart attack and some other dangerous diseases that can even cost you your life. So if you want to lose weight and overcome the risk of harmful conditions, you must use this program.

What is the cost of this diet plan?

You have to spend $ 37 to get this diet product. $ 37 is relatively less when compared to other weight loss products. Therefore, you can buy this program without spending or worrying about losing money. If you’re not satisfied with this custom 8-week ketogenic diet plan, the manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Is the ketogenic diet good for everyone?

Definitely not, and before starting the ketogenic diet plan, you should advise your doctor. For example, if you have thyroid, liver, or pancreas problems, a ketogenic diet may not be the right option for you, as it can lead to health complications.

After extensive research, we could not find anyone who experienced serious side effects after this diet. It is safe to say that this diet will benefit your life and health if you are a healthy person without serious health problems.

Before following any diet plan, it is important that you control your expectations. We are all different and not everyone reacts the same to a specific diet. Some people will experience dramatic changes in their body weight, fitness level, and general well-being, while others will not.

What are the downsides of ketogenic diet plans?

Since this diet plan focuses on protein and fat calorie intake while restricting carbohydrates, you will definitely experience some downsides when starting out.

The biggest drawback is the so-called “keto flu,” which results in a lack of energy, appetite, and a feeling of lethargy. It is important to understand that it will not last for the entire diet, but only for the initial phase until your body gets used to a new diet.

In our normal diets, most of the calories come from simple carbohydrates that are the main culprits for weight gain and fat. Once you change your diet and move away from simple carbohydrates, your body will go through a shock that you will experience like a “keto flu.” People often experience headaches, hunger, low energy levels, constipation, mental confusion, and general fatigue during the first week.

Just make sure you drink enough water and get enough sleep and you will be fine.

Custom Keto Diet


The personalized ketogenic diet is recommended to all those who want to overcome weight loss problems even after eating delicious food.

This product features a variety of food ingredients that you can consume based on your preferences. Custom Keto Diet is a proven product that has proven that you can eat your favorite diet and remain fit and healthy.

Custom Keto Diet


  • It features a personalized food plan that you can use for eight weeks.
  • The program doesn’t demand you to perform workout to lose weight.
  • You will consume the calculated amount of calories so that you can lose weight.
  • It additionally has many health benefits.
  • The program minimizes the risk of a heart attack.
  • A tremendous 60-day refund policy comes with it.
  • You have to follow every single step.
  • Its results may fluctuate.

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