Capitalist Exploits Review: Our #1 Investment Newsletter 2021

Capitalist Exploits is a Forward-Thinking Financial Newsletter for Investors Who aren’t Satisfied with 10% Annual Returns. It’s run by a Small Group of Superstar ex-Hedge Fund Managers, All of Whom Put Their Personal Capital Into Every Trade They Recommend.

With a Proven Track Record and a no-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee, Capitalist Exploits’ Expert Advice and Tight-knit Community of Contrarian Investors make it a Real Standout in the World of Investment Newsletters. If you’re looking to Achieve 30-50% Annual Returns Without Taking on Inordinate Amounts of Risk, we Believe Capitalist Exploits is the Best Way to do it.

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1.What Is Capitalist Exploits?

Capitalist Exploits is an investment newsletter focused on finding lesser-known investment opportunities with the potential for massive returns. Their approach is to monitor hundreds of global macroeconomic factors—everything from vulnerabilities within the crude oil supply chain to the inflationary effects of Bitcoin—and draw unique investment theses from those insights.

Capitalist Exploits’ team is made up of former hedge fund managers, each of whom have independently achieved enormous profits for their respective firms. Now they’re bringing their individual expertise together to create an even more robust environment for discovering 10x investments that the rest of the world is missing.


Focus On Sectors, Not Stocks
Every recommendation Capitalist Exploits makes starts from a unique opportunity they identify at the sector level. They go through an extremely rigorous research process to find entire markets (eg. Australian housing, Asia-Pacific shipping, alternative fuels, etc.) that are ready to explode, and then zoom in to the company level to choose the individual stock(s) they believe are best positioned to capitalize on that sector-level opportunity.

This allows them to track many different market movements at once, while also providing the sort of deep expertise that’s necessary in developing such broad-sweeping investment theses.

Skin In The Game

There’s one question you should always ask anyone offering you investment advice: “How much have you invested?” If the answer is zero, steer clear, because they aren’t putting their money where their mouth is.

The guys at Capitalist Exploits, on the other hand, personally invest their own money in every stock and asset they recommend. They’re deeply invested in every pick they make, so you know they have your best interests in mind.

Old Boys Network

Working in the world of finance can be both grueling and rewarding, which creates stronger bonds between colleagues than almost any other industry. Even now that they’ve struck out on their own, the team at Capitalist Exploits is able to leverages those “old boys networks,” meaning they aren’t just harvesting their own personal knowledge in making decisions—they’re harvesting the collective knowledge of thousands of high-performing financial professionals with expertise across every area.

Global Experience

The Capitalist Exploits team wasn’t just working on Wall Street, though; they bring decades of experience from trading floors all around the world. This means their network of friends and former colleagues has an extremely wide reach, so when they need an expert opinion on something like the health of the global hydrogen market or debt levels in Japan, the right person to call is never far away.

Thoughtful Capital Allocation

Capital allocation is a fundamental skill of every successful investor, and Capitalist Exploits takes it seriously. Rather than just recommending an asset and letting you figure out the rest, they tell you exactly how much of your portfolio to invest.

Detailed Reporting

Many financial newsletters send you stock picks with a paragraph or two of background. Not so with Capitalist Exploits.

Subscribers can expect to receive reports spanning dozens of pages behind every asset they recommend. A typical report includes macroeconomic analyses from several different standpoints, relevant industry trends, the asset’s historical performance relative to these trends and macroeconomic movements, whole or partial interview transcripts with experts, and more. They take research extremely seriously, because they know that greater knowledge leads to greater returns.

One-Of-A-Kind Community

The community of high-performing investors Capitalist Exploits has built is truly second to none, and we work together to uncover value hidden in plain sight.

You’ll be able to chat with other Insider members in two ways: through their live private forum and through their Slack community. In both, members discuss trades, organise in-person meetups throughout the world, and help each other out.

Q&A Sessions

Capitalist Exploits also grants you a place to put forward your questions about investing, regardless if they are about the Insider program or if they are about your activities outside of the subscription.

Capitalist Exploit’s team of professional money managers will then answer via your inquiries via live Q&A.

Money-Back Guarantee

All of Capitalist Exploits’ services come with a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the insights they deliver, reach out to them and they’ll give you a refund. The length of the refund policy differs depending on the service you subscribe to (30 days is common), but it will be listed on the page when you’re preparing to buy.


3. The Team

Capitalist Exploits is led by two professional money managers who have decades of trading, investing and entrepreneurship experience under their belts: Chris Macintosh (Founder, Insider) and Brad McFadden (Head Trader, Insider).

  • Chris Macintosh has worked for plenty of top-of-the-line investment banks in the past, but he has since left the corporate world and has built and sold multiple million-dollar businesses. He has also built a VC firm, is a full-time trader, and manages money on a day-to-day basis.
  • Brad McFadden has experience in managing high net worth private client funds at Henry Ansbacher and a proprietary trading book for Rand Merchant Bank in South Africa & Australia. Brad currently specializes in the execution of the asymmetric opportunities, which are delivered via Insider.

4. Recommended Investments

To get a feel for the newsletter and how different it is from a traditional “stock picks” newsletter, here are some of the market opportunities Capitalist Exploits recommends:

  • Shipping: Despite the global oversupply of ships in recent years, they believe that demand will soon grossly outpace supply on specific trading routes, and investing in shipping companies who serve those routes (specifically Pacific Basin Shipping) will soon lead to major gains.
  • Energy: They’re bullish on hydrogen (due to its growing adoption among electric vehicles) as well as coal and uranium (due to them being vastly undervalued relative to other energy sources).
  • The US Dollar: The risk of owning dollars (via T-bills or the Invesco DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund (UUP)) is so low, yet even with interest rate cuts, the USD still outperforms other major and emerging currencies.
  • Natural Resources: Natural resources have been in decline for nearly a decade, and due to a variety of macroeconomic factors, they believe gold specifically will make a major upward move in 2021 and beyond.
  • Japan: Due to Japan’s low debt and strong purchasing power, they believe Japanese markets as a whole are undervalued.
  • Bitcoin: With fiat currencies depreciating and cryptocurrencies gaining share every year, they’ve recommended buying Bitcoin since 2014.


5. Services

Capitalist Exploits offers two primary services:

  • Insider is the full package: the newsletter, real-time alerts on when to enter and exit trades, the community forum, frequent webinars, and more. If you’re looking for the best of what Capitalist Exploits has to offer, this is it.
  • Insider Weekly is a lighter version of what you get with Insider. It doesn’t offer trade alerts—so you’re left to make specific investing decisions on your own—but it does include sector-level analyses and deep insights into what’s happening in global financial markets. If you’re not ready to commit to Insider, a $1 30-day subscription of Insider Weekly is a good place to start.
    Here’s a table summarizing the two services:

On top of those three paid services, Capitalist Exploits also offers free content in two primary forms:

Some of the Capitalist Exploits blog is free, and it doesn’t disappoint. Here are the guys’ thoughts on shale oil production, Bitcoin, the entertainment industry, the future of banking, and how macroeconomic indicators move in relation to government policy.

Hedgies Uncut is a Telegram channel that allows users you eavesdrop on the Capitalist Exploits team as they chat about investment opportunities, the markets, and everything in between. It’s an informal, real-time look at what the guys are thinking, and while the channel is read-only for subscribers, it’s a good introduction to how they think. In the images below, the guys discussing Chinese demand for uranium, the taxation benefits of oil tankers, and the de-risking properties of gold. You can join Hedgies Uncut for free.

6. Performance

Capitalist Exploits doesn’t publicly disclose all of its stock picks, so its exact historical performance is unknown. However, here are some recent stock picks they’ve made and how those stocks have performed:

Capitalist Exploits Review

These are very impressive numbers, though perhaps more impressive is that the longest of them were held for 2.5 years. Many of the stocks above achieved triple-digit gains in 24 months or less, living up to Capitalist Exploits’ mandate of finding companies with potential for gains of 300% or more.

7. Cost

Capitalist Exploits offers a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy on Insider, and the first month of Insider Weekly is just $1, making it risk-free, too.

8. Reviews

Capitalist Exploits has very positive reviews from its users, and it currently holds an average rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot, based on 149 reviews.

Here’s what some of those users have to say about the newsletter:

  • “Capitalist Exploits is seriously just a great service and community. You get WAY more bang for your buck than any other investment research service.” — Josiah R.
  • “I’ve learnt an incredible amount from Capitalist Exploits and the active Slack community. Can’t recommend highly enough for anyone with an interest in controlling their financial future.” — Michael B.
  • “This is the investment service I have been waiting for. I am coming up on my one-year anniversary of subscribing to Capitalist Exploits, and I still get excited to read everything that Chris releases.” — Chris. T
  • This is the kind of research you want to be paying for year after year for decades because it introduces you to new things. Great for people with no time to be fully exposed to everything going on out there.” — Brian H.
  • “I am a professional investor with many years of experience, but I am still learning A LOT by reading Chris’s posts and listening to his webcasts. Very honest approach. Intellectually sound. No annoying marketing that plagues so many other “investment letter” providers from the US.” — LG

In Summary

Capitalist Exploits is a forward-thinking financial newsletter for investors who aren’t satisfied with 10% annual returns. It’s run by a small group of superstar ex-hedge fund managers, all of whom put their personal capital into every trade they recommend.

With a proven track record and a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, Capitalist Exploits’ expert advice and tight-knit community of contrarian investors make it a real standout in the world of investment newsletters. If you’re looking to achieve 30-50% annual returns without taking on inordinate amounts of risk, we believe Capitalist Exploits is the best way to do it.


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