Problems like joint Pain, Back Pain are Increasing in Women Due to Weakness of bones, know the preventive measures 2022

These days, after the age of 30-40, problems of joint pain, back pain, back pain, and knee jam after sitting for a long time, and pain in ankles and toes are becoming common. A major reason for all these problems is the weakness of the bones. This problem is more often seen in women. There are several reasons for this that OnlyMyHealth talks to Dr. Ankit Batra, Orthopedic Surgeon at Sharda Hospital, Greater Noida. Let us know from them what are the reasons for increasing bone problems in women.

Bones Are Weak Due to a Lack of Calcium

Dr. Batra explains that calcium is a very important mineral for bones. A special hormone is found in the body of women, which is called estrogen hormone. This hormone plays a major role in the absorption of calcium. When women are in their 20-30s, their body is able to make a good amount of the hormone estrogen. But by the age of 30-40, the estrogen hormone starts becoming less in the body, so the body is not able to use the calcium taken in the diet properly and the bones of the woman start weakening. These weak bones cause different types of problems.

Many Habits are Also Spoiling Bone Health

Dr. Batra further explains that some habits of women are also causing increased bone problems. Vitamin D3 deficiency is found in most women today because they do not want to go in the sun. Whereas the sun’s rays are the best medium to meet the deficiency of vitamin D3. Similarly, in earlier times, there was a lot of milk in the houses, due to which milk in some form or the other went into the body, which is a very good source of calcium.

But nowadays very few women drink regular milk. Apart from this, the physical activities of women have become very less, due to which stiffness and other problems start in the bones. The habit of sitting in one place for hours, using lifts instead of stairs, using gadgets instead of doing household chores, etc. are many such small things, which have an effect on bones.

Doctor’s Tips to Avoid Bone Problems

Dr. Batra has given some special tips to women to prevent bone-related problems, especially joint pain, knee pain, arthritis, back pain, back pain, heel pain, difficulty in getting up, etc. Their risk can be reduced by following them from the age of 30.

  • Your body needs 700-1000 mg of calcium every day. Therefore, include calcium-rich foods like milk, curd, cheese, cheese, green vegetables, rajgira seeds, sesame seeds, lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, almonds, etc. in your daily diet.
  • Get into the habit of sitting in the sun for a while every day, so that your body can get enough vitamin D.
  • Physical activities are also very important to keep bones healthy. Women must walk at least 5000 steps every day.

You should keep your weight under control because due to heavy weight, there is stress on the knees and due to heavy weight, the knees will deteriorate quickly. This makes your cartilage wear less.

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