6 Best Android Apps to Locate Mobile Number Location

Want to know the location of the mobile number? how to do Often it has been seen on almost everyone’s phone that calls come from wrong numbers on their phone or some unknown person deliberately harasses people with different numbers.

Most of the girls have to face such troubles. In such a situation, most people consider it right to decide to change their phone number. We cannot even imagine how much trouble people have to face because of getting a phone call from that one wrong number.

As new technology is being used in mobile phones, people’s lives are also changing in the same way, difficult tasks are also being done easily for them. Earlier it was absolutely impossible for us to find out that the person who is harassing us by calling from the wrong number, after all, who is he, where is he and why is he troubling.

But in today’s era, we can easily find out about this with the help of our smartphones. How? If you want an answer to this question, then this article is for you, how to find the location of the mobile number?

Find Mobile Number Location Free – Best Android Apps

There are many such applications on the Internet, using which we can find out the details of phone calls coming from those numbers, such as the GPS location of the number as well as the name of the owner of that number, operator’s name, and much more information to you. You can get through these apps.

6 Best Android Apps to Locate Mobile Number Location

Today you will get to know from this article which best apps should be used to get complete details of Numbers. It may be that many people will be using one of these apps on their smartphones as well.

You can use all these apps by staying in any country, apart from India, these apps also work well in foreign countries. If you also want to know the location of the mobile number, then one of the biggest advantages of using these apps is that you can locate your own stolen or roamed mobile.


Truecaller app is the best android app to detect incoming calls from unknown numbers. You must have seen the advertisement for this app on TV as well. The special thing about this app is that it gives details of unknown numbers as well as the number saved in your phone and SIM. After knowing the details of the numbers, you can also block that number so that you can never get a call from that number on your phone again. Recently another new feature has been added to this android app named ‘Transliteration’, with the help of this feature, users can get complete information about that number in the English language.

Mobile Number Call Tracker

With the help of Mobile Number Tracker, you can get the details of all types of incoming calls, whether it is coming from an unknown number or coming from your contact list. This is an application that also shows you the location of an unknown number on Google Maps so that you will be able to know the exact location of that number, which city is that number, and which operator belongs to.

Apart from this, this app also allows you to block numbers. The specialty of this app is that it works even without an internet connection and gives complete information to the users.

Mobile Number Locator

Mobile Number Locator is another recommended android app using which we can find out about the location of both unknown numbers and known numbers. Through this app, you can find out about your family members, and where they are present at this time.

The details of all the numbers are saved in the history of this app, we can delete those details if we want. You can also use this app by staying offline. This app works in very few countries and soon it will start working in all countries.


Foursquare Android app is another great app that along with finding out the location of a mobile number also gives information about things like restaurants, clothes shops, coffee shops, hotels in your nearby place. You will be able to easily find new places through this app and spend time with your friends by visiting these places.

Phone Locator

Phone Locator is a small application that takes up very little space in your smartphone and this app shows you the location of unknown numbers in different views like satellite view, hybrid view, and standard view. These views help you a lot to know the exact location of that number.


Prey is a free web service that is used for number tracking as well as monitoring mobile, laptop, and desktop computers, especially when an electronic device has been stolen, you can find it through this app.

What did you Learn Today?

You must have come to know that to know the location of the mobile number? All these apps help a lot in finding out the location of the mobile number and you can install these apps on your smartphone absolutely free.

To locate that device, you already have to have this app installed in your devices so that whenever your device is roamed or stolen, you will have to go to prey’s website and sign in and send a text message. You can activate the prey app on the device.

After that whenever your stolen device is connected to the internet the prey server will detect your device and send its location to you so that you will know where your device is.

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